VOILA! Market 4.0: Reliving Your Childhood Memories

Recently, our fourth pop-up event, named as Voila Market 4.0 took place at the usual spot, Canaan Square, with the aim of letting attendees reliving the magic of childhood.

This enchanting event, featuring 12 incredible vendors selling scrumptious food like sushi tacos and cream puffs, as well as e-accessories and home-grown pot plants, was both magical and exciting for young entrepreneurs and families alike.

Over three incredible days, people from all around Kuching and suburb areas nearby came to immerse themselves in fun activities that involves engaging with young kids and children, creating memories that will last a lifetime for them. 

Voila Market 4.0 wasn't just an event; it was a celebration of community spirit and collaboration. This event provided a platform for many small local vendors and artisans to showcase their talents, fostering connections and support within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. All vendors and even the customers witnessed firsthand the power of collaboration as they connected with like-minded individuals, strengthening the bonds of the community and creating lasting memories together.

Although the event has come to a close, its enchantment will continue to inspire and pave the way for future pop-up events that will have even more exciting themes. 

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